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Hey !

I'm french... i know only speak english but don't speak portuguese sorry ^^,

i use BIOS EMULATOR of Thiago, when i running, i have a problem, but i don't understand why there is this error... screen:


and the code lines 55-56

                            if (!_gifts.ContainsKey(spriteID))
                                _gifts.Add(spriteID, new ItemData(id, spriteID, itemName, PublicName, type, width, length, height, allowStack, allowWalk, allowSit, allowRecycle, allowTrade, allowMarketplace, allowGift, allowInventoryStack, interactionType, behaviourData, cycleCount, vendingIDS, heightAdjustable, EffectId, WiredId, IsRare, ClothingId, ExtraRot));

It's not a problem, you can answer me in portuguese 😉

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5 horas atrás, Wickfield disse:

Hi, print resolution is low, send again.


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